Write Your Plan

Whether you are a start-up or looking to expand, a good business plan is essential to the success of your venture.

Perfect Your Pitch

Prepare an investor pitch to win support and learn how to communicate with confidence with my public speaking coaching.

Grow Your Business

Implement your plans and ensure a successful first year of business with my business growth coaching.

Russell Streeter

I am a qualified financial accountant (FCCA), business coach and best-selling author, with a wide range of experience working with clients from FTSE 100 companies to start-ups and small businesses. I have also worked as a mentor for Young Enterprise and an approved coach for the government’s former Business Growth Vouchers scheme.

Business Planning

Whether you need funding or not, are a start-up or looking to expand, a good business plan is essential to the success of your venture. A good plan helps you to “prove” the concept, allows you to identify the risks and opportunities and ensures that you focus on the specific steps that are necessary for success.

I will help you plan for success. Together we will prepare a professional business plan that is completely tailored to your needs and your business. Your completed business plan will:

  • Explain how you intend to become profitable and create a valuable, saleable business
  • Outline your business concept and explain why it is investable
  • Discuss the potential market and detail your marketing plan for winning new business
  • Present profit & loss and cash flow forecasts, as well as other key financial information

Business Success Coaching

Running your own business is a lonely job and you will soon find that there are many more balls to juggle and decisions to be made than you expected. A coach is there to help you navigate these new challenges, to act as a sounding board and to help you stick to the goals you set in your business plan.

I have been coaching and mentoring small businesses since 2008. During that time I have also worked with global businesses and I have seen what makes these companies successful.

I will help you to win new sales using my MARKETING EQUATION. We will ensure that your business is making money by implementing my PROFIT GROWTH FORMULA. And we will start systemising your business from Day 1, so that you build a valuable asset that works even when you are not there.

Ideas are cheap; execution is everything. Let’s work together to give you the best chance of success!

Public Speaking Coaching

“If an entrepreneur can’t tell a convincing story, I’m not investing.”

Top entrepreneurs and business leaders have always known that effective communication is key to success…think of Jack Welch, or Sir Richard Branson. But that doesn’t mean you have to be flamboyant, or an extrovert…CEOs such as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates didn’t need to be flash! To communicate confidently, you must master the art of getting your point across clearly, in a way that appeals to your audience. This is true in ANY situation.

I have been teaching, presenting and coaching groups and individuals, in various disciplines, since 1998. My coaching is completely tailored to you and your needs, but the leaning objectives can include:

  • Create compelling presentations
  • Learn rhetorical strategies and devices to persuade your audiences to take positive action.​
  • Become a more entertaining speaker by injecting humour into presentations.
  • Improve your public speaking and presentation skills, using my unique SPEAKER model.
  • Learn techniques that will enable you to communicate with confidence in any situation.

Our Happy Clients

“Russell is an inspiring business mentor with an aptitude for understanding clients. My business has benefited immensely from our time together and I can thoroughly recommend his Group Mentoring Sessions to help reinvigorate your business.“

Robert Briggs

““Russell is like the third partner in our business. While my co-director and I concentrate on the areas of the business that we are good at, Russell provides us with expert, timely advice on various aspects of running the business. I would highly recommend his services.”

Trevor Millar

“Russell has inspired me to try new methods and they are definitely paying off. His influence has helped us achieve 30% growth during our last year and I would highly recommended him.”


Ian Skinner